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Newborn Session

Newborn Sessions are taken within the first two weeks after birth. It is only then that you can get those sleepy, curled up photos! All newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your home.

Important Info

•If you and/or your husband plan on being in a few photos, please take into consideration what type of images you like. I often shoot parent shots against a black background  and suggest you wear solid dark, 3/4 – long sleeved shirts. This brings all the attention onto you and your new little one.

•Sibling shots are great fun, however, an older sibling often isn’t too excited about holding their new baby brother or sister. Their world has just been turned upside down and I get that. I’ll do my best to get big brother or sister into a shot or two. I have been known to use Tootsie Pops as bribery (if it’s alright with you, of course).

•Newborn sessions can take a long time, be prepared for 3-4 hours!

•I will do most of the baby handling. I will ask for help when either I can’t settle the baby down or I just need an extra set of hands to switch out a blanket/prop/backdrop, etc.

•Plan on a partial feeding prior to me arriving at your home. While I’m unloading and setting up, you will then undress baby down to a diaper and finish the feeding. Hopefully, then, baby will be good and milk drunk! Photo day is not the day to worry about getting off schedule (one day won’t hurt your schedule), and sleepy newborns are the best, which means that you may need to feed sooner than normal. I highly encourage the use of a pacifier and/or bottle (if baby takes one) during a session.

•Make sure baby is “loosely” diapered & clothed. Better yet, loosely diaper and just wrap in a blanket until photo time. Baby skin is tender and we don’t want clothing “creases.”

•Please turn up the heater on photo day! We will want it VERY warm so that baby remains comfortable when undressed for photos (99% of newborn photos are done naked). A warm and full baby is normally (hopefully) a sleepy baby.

•There will be pee and poop! Guaranteed! Don’t worry about it! I have been pee’d on, poop’d on and spit up on. It doesn’t bother me in the least. All my towels and blankets are washable!

Now, with everything I’ve told you, your baby will dictate the day! It is all about them and we will need to go with the flow. Baby’s the boss (then me)! I want our day to be fun, but know that sometimes it is hard for new moms and dads to relax, especially if baby does not want to co-operate. Remember, that I LOVE what I do and I LOVE newborns!! I can and will wait it out, through fussiness, pee, poop, spit up, etc, we will get the newborn photos that you are hoping for!!

I LOVE newborns, you’ll need to stop me from smooching on your baby. I’m just a mom/Nana by nature and can’t help myself. I do try to resist when they aren’t related to me, but I LOVE babies. I just do!!

Feel free to suggest shots to me that you’ve seen and like. I’m always open to new ideas! Also, we can try to incorporate any special items (blankets, rattles, outfits, hats, sporting props, etc) into a few shots that you might want. I have photographed newborns on bookshelves, on the seat of a mini-bike, in the garden and curled up in a dirt bike helmet.  Let’s make this fun and your session special and unique to you! I’m open and want you to get what you want out of the session.

**I know I’ve just given you a lot of information, but it is all necessary to understanding what a newborn session entails.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as your little one arrives!