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Boy or Girl???

It’s still fun to plan a little surprise gender reveal, even if it’s your third child and even if you already have one boy and one girl!! I mean who doesn’t like to go down to the beach on a beautiful afternoon with family and friends? And who doesn’t like to enjoy a little dinner at the Crow’s Nest afterwards? And who isn’t excited for another baby in the family? ME!! And that is exactly why when my niece called and asked if I’d be a part of their gender reveal that I knew I had to be there! Oh, and can you bring your camera Aunt Ne?  Of course!!

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Friends & family were asked to make their guess by wearing a pink or blue necklace.


I don’t remember the exact count, but I think that blue was winning!


I choose to wear a pink necklace. I just love little girls and since their youngest is a girl and they’ll be less than two years apart, it just seemed practical for this one to be a girl also.

Well, what do you think??




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Looks like this Auntie was wrong. That’s okay, as much as I love little girls, I can make room for another little nephew!

Congratulations Nik & Kimberley (and Wyatt & Leela too).

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