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She’s One!~Santa Cruz Child Photographer

I just love repeat clients! I photographed Gemma when she was a newborn and now she’s one! It is so amazing to me how little ones change in their first year. From being helpless little newborns to walking, running, climbing, talking, singing one year olds! Gemma was just adorable when she sang her little song with her Mama! I’m not sure she had all the words, but she sure had the tone! She sang it perfectly!

Having a one year old in my MiniStudio really made me realize what I’ve known all along. It is way too small! It’s great for newborn sessions, but for a one year old on the move with an agenda of her own, it is just too small. We made the best of trying to keep Gemma corralled in the studio space, but with stairs in site, she’d rather climb. We were able to get a few studio shots, then we moved outside for a few minutes. I think by this time however, she was done with me! It was getting late, it was dinner time, and again, she has a one year old’s agenda!

Here’s a few in studio:

And outside:

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