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Baby Avery’s Sweet Story

I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a past client who went on to tell me a little story about a friend of hers named Sarah. She was hosting a shower for a friend who had just adopted a baby girl and wanted  to give a photo session to her friend as a special shower gift.

Here is Baby Avery’s story (straight from her Mama’s FB page).

We welcomed a baby girl to our family this week and this is her story. Once upon a time Chris, Cooper, Sarah, Grandma & Grandpa went on a hawaiian vacation. On our second day there (Tuesday May 15th) we got a call from our adoption agency about a baby girl who had just been born. She was one day old, healthy and in the Bay Area. Our agency told us that we had to meet the birth mom within 24 hours or else the baby would be placed with a different family. We had 15 minutes to make a decision as to what to do. We decided to send one of us in case it wasn’t a good match. Frantically we called the airline, bought the ticket, said our goodbyes, packed and jumped in the rental car and raced to the airport. I had two hours until the plane left and we were about an hour away. The tension was high, but I managed to make the flight and get back to the bay area that night. Whew! I drove to the East Bay found a hotel room at 11:30PM and tried to sleep for a few hours before waking up and jamming to the hospital to meet the baby and birth mom the next morning. There was a hiccup in the morning and I was told that I needed a legal representative to accompany me to hospital. Darn! Amazingly my friend Wesley, an attorney was willing and able to drop everything and race up to Castro Valley where the baby and birth mom were waiting to meet me. We nervously arrived, not knowing what to expect, met the baby first. Adorable, healthy, calm, and sweet. SPoke with Dr.’s, nurses and social workers about baby and birth mothers conditions. All sounded ok. Met birth mom (incredibly awkward) who was adamant about giving up her baby and thrilled to have us as adoptive parents. Adoption agency called said we had an hour to decide if we wanted to pursue adoption or not. Called, emailed photos, texted videos to chris while he was waiting by the phone, sweating bullets in Hawaii. It was surreal, scary and exciting all at the same time. In the end we decided to welcome her into our loving family. At about 5pm on Wednesday May 16th, the birth mom signed over all her legal rights. We were now able to call Baby Lastition ours. I spent a few more hours with my new baby girl, holding her, talking to her, singing to her and wishing I could take her home that very instant. I asked the pediatrician to release her, but they demanded one more night of observation. I could come back the next day and bring her home if all went well that night. Exciting!!!! Had a really tough time leaving her, but the nurses were all so loving and bonded with her that it was ok. Drove back to Santa Cruz, my two dear friends met me at my house where we frantically set up all the baby stuff including installing the infant car seat in my ride. We did laundry, set up a bassinet, got diapers, wipes and formula. All the basic necessities! Meanwhile Chris, Cooper, Grandma and Grandpa were still in Hawaii calling me every 5 minutes to get updates. C_R_A_Z_Y times–OMG! Tried to get a few hours sleep (tough with all the nerves), got up next morning drove back to Castro Valley with my friend Shannon to pick up Baby Girl Lastition! Nervous, excited, scared, freaking out in a good way we drove up to get baby! Snuggled with baby, talked more with Nurses and Pediatricians. Met with social worker who had me sign documents. Took lots of pictures (thanks to Shannon) and we made our way home. Baby girl was perfect, not a peep on our way home. All she does is sleep, eat and potty:-)Meanwhile Chris was packing his stuff in Hawaii and heading back to Santa Cruz to see his new daughter! We decided to have Cooper stay in Hawaii with Grandma and Grandpa for a few more days because he is having the time of his life and had no interest in leaving. plus it would give Chris and I a few days of bonding with baby girl and setting up our baby nest;-)Chris wanted to see her and meet her in person before we decided on a name hence to delay in that department. Chris has been home a few days now and we are happy as clams and over the moon in love with her – Our sweet miraculous baby Avery;-)Now we are ready to have Cooper home and feel complete! We thought some of you would like to hear the story as everything has happened so quickly… Side note: Our agency always said, “you might get a call tomorrow or anytime in the next year, so be ready!” Well, we said yeah ok, sounds great, but NEVER in a million years did we really think it could be tomorrow and with just a few minutes notice!

Crazy isn’t it? Could you imagine being on the beach in Hawaii and receiving that phone call? What are the chances? I asked Sarah and she said they’d been in the adoption process for 10 months. And then, they had only 24 hours to go and get their little girl!

This was such a fun session! We literally played dress up with Baby Avery for hours!

I am beyond blessed to be apart of welcoming Baby Avery into her new family. I know they will treasure these photos forever!


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  • Amanda McDougall - July 16, 2012 - 10:42 pm

    What a sweet baby girl, and a heartwarming story!ReplyCancel

  • Michele - July 17, 2012 - 8:33 am

    Avery is such a darling little girl!! Babies arrive in many ways to their families….and loved reading about Avery’s arrival into her family :-)!! Thank you for sharing…and to her mommy and daddy for letting it be shared.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - July 18, 2012 - 7:09 pm

    Renee, You are the best !!!
    I’m in awh Averys pictures are beatiful!
    Thank You so much xoxoReplyCancel

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