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Mother’s Day Session

What Grandma wants, Grandma gets!

I had the honor and the privilege of being asked to photograph this family. It was Grandma’s request that when her family was all in town for Mother’s Day that photos be taken. I had photographed one of the couples a couple of years ago and so I got the call. 19 people, in the middle of the day, on a holiday weekend. Ummmm, why yes Lynn, of course I’ll do that for you:)

Thankfully, we were able to find one spot in the yard that was “almost” completely out of the bright sun. I told everyone to squeeze together and keep smiling while I did everything I could to get the little guy in front to smile. A couple of fake “ahhh-choos” was all it took. 19 smiles! 20, if you count the dog! I’d say it was a success!

Santa Cruz Photographer, Renee Whiting Photography

The Family Matriarchs

Renee Whiting Photography

Great Grandchildren Love

Renee Whiting Photography

And, more of the family:

Renee Whiting Photography, Santa Cruz Photographer

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