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Hey Big Girl!!

That’s what these girls call Kendyll, “Big Girl.”  Kendyll just loves these girls and obviously they love her too!  They showered her with a little Pizza, Cupcake and Baby Love!  I’m telling you, little B is going to be the best dressed little guy in town! Thank you girls (and moms) for being your awesome selves!  Just a little side note: Kendyll’s been coaching some of these girls since the summer she met her husband (back when they were the little kids of the club) and since girls will be girls, even back then they wanted K & J to date. Now three years later, they’re all offering to babysit!  

Thank you Mothers and Daughters!


  • Carri Mullins - May 10, 2009 - 6:57 am

    That’s sweet. How nice for her to be able to watch those girls grow up.ReplyCancel

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