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As many of you know (or maybe you don’t), my husband & I, along with about 30 Rotarians from area clubs (and even a few from Oklahoma City) just got home from a service trip to Guatemala. What a wonderful experience it was! We enjoyed great company & wonderful sites!

My husband and I termed it a “vacation with purpose!” We never would have seen so many sites if it was not for the planning by trip organizers, Joe, Georgie and Jon. Thank you all, your hard work and dedication! It did not go unnoticed.

All in all, it was perfect. A few little mishaps, but that can be expected when traveling to a foreign country. Three got the stomach “revenge,” one sprained ankle, a few items were left behind at previous hotels, and one couple did not get their luggage until day 3. But, everyone had a great attitude and made the best of any situation.

Kind of fun, on the last night, just before midnight, we were laying in bed and fireworks started going off right outside our window. What a perfect ending to a great trip!

Slideshows and photos to come!!

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