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B Skis!

Proud Nana moment, I think so!!

At 2 1/2, B skied!

While skiing is a part of their life, they weren’t quite sure how he’d do this year. He’s all boy, but still has his “cautious” moments, preferring to just play it safe. “No, I fine,” would be his response if he didn’t want to go. But instead, every morning he’d wake up and say, “me ski with my daddy.” He didn’t even mind all the gear and actually thought that the helmet and goggles were pretty cool!

I was amazed the difference in just the two days. The first day he was still fairly cautious and was still being held onto. If his daddy let go, a bit of panic would set in if he started going a bit too fast. But, the following day, he rode the “magic carpet” up the hill and proudly announced, “I do it myself!” And he did!

I love seeing these pics where B’s daddy is now running to keep up!

A very proud and patient daddy with his little boy!

One cool skiing dude! Melt my heart!

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