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A Very Uplifting Week

I have to confess that I started this week out in a bit of a funk. I was down in SB on Nana duty last week and love being with my girls and their families so much, that when it’s time to come home, I can’t help but to be in a funk of a mood for a day or two. No reasons, nothing wrong, I just feel a bit blah and kind of lost. I’m not really complaining and certainly not looking for a pity party, I’m just sharing truthfully, that sometimes this Nana just gets in a mood.

But, the week (and my mood) quickly got better. Little things throughout the week filled me with encouragement.

On Monday afternoon, a friend texted me to tell me that I have encouraged her on her weight loss journey. She said that at the age of 40, she had about given up, but that seeing my posts (and knowing I’m well over 40) she decided it was time. No more excuses! She’s now down 25 pounds and putting me to shame!!

On Tuesday, I got an unexpected “thank you” gift in the mail. It’s always fun to get presents!

On Wednesday evening (after I did my “freezer cooking”) post, I got an email from another blogger asking me to help her with some photography on a couple of her new recipes for an e-cookbook she is putting together. Sorry, I can’t share much yet, her recipes are still confidential, but am hopeful to do a full blog post in the near future with the complete how to on her recipes. They sound delicious!

Thursday, I got to babysit my sweet little niece. She is an absolute doll and I enjoyed every minute of her repeating everything I said:)

This is all not to mention the fabulously supportive family I have at all times!

Today I found out a friends son is cancer free!! Way to go Wilson!!

And then, in today’s mail I received a thank you card for a shower gift. Nice, yes, but it get’s better…….this is what was written inside the card……..

“I also want to say what an amazing mom you are to have raised Jamie to be so thoughtful and giving to her friends. She is an amazing blessing in my life and your must receive some credit for that! :)”

And tomorrow, my sister and I are going flea marketing, to a Stella & Dot party and lunch at a great restaurant, and finishing the afternoon with a pedicure!!

Yes, my heart is full!!

Got to go, my hubby is due home soon and it’s date night!!

*Sorry for my lack of pics on this post!






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