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A Whale of a Day!

This weekend was absolutely picture perfect! It’s no wonder I can’t imagine living anywhere else. 75-80• with bright blue skies and a bay full of whales! I just knew that I had to head down to the wharf to see if I could spot any of the whales that I’d been hearing about. According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel it seems the Humpback Whales are a little hungry for the anchovies that have settle into our bay.

It was also a perfect day to grab a shot or two of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk .

Renee Whiting Photography, Santa Cruz Boardwalk


Did I mention the whales? It’s pretty incredible to have pods of 50′ long whales hanging around shore.

When I was down there, they didn’t come in quite as close as I wish, but I still managed to get a few shots of them swimming about 100 yards off the wharf.

Renee Whiting Photography

Boaters and Kayakers get splashed as the whales spout off!

Renee Whiting Photography, Whales

The (zoomed in) image on the right shows a whale’s tail between the two kayaks.

Santa Cruz Photographer

How crazy is this? Check out all the kayakers and stand-up paddle boards right next to the whale!!

Renee Whiting Photography

In the center of the image is a whale spouting.

The kayaks or paddle boards might have been a little too close for comfort, but how cool would it have been to been out on one of the boats?!?!

I’m hoping tomorrow morning to head back down to see if I can see them a little closer in and maybe get a shot of them really emerging from the water.






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