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Game Day Cookies

My NYC girl (aka my youngest daughter) made these adorable little cookies and I just knew I had to share! They’re too cute not to. I honestly think this girl could one up her Mama in the blogging department if she gave it a go!

Here’s her recipe, straight from her email to me.

“I made Hamburger cookies for a Super Bowl party and they were a hit! And very easy to make. I pretty much just assembled the below ingredients.

Bun = sugar cookies. Add sesame seeds to half of cookies before baking to act as the top bun.
Meat= brownie. I took the super easy way out and bought a tub of the brownie bites. Since the are already circular, I just kind of smushed them down to fit between the cookies.
Ketchup = red frosting
Cheese = yellow frosting
Lettuce = sweetened shredded coconut with green food coloring.

Great for veggie-tarians who still want to eat a burger! enjoy…..”

And her photos. She wanted me to make my own batch of cookies so I’d have better quality photos, but I think these look quite yummy!!!

Hamburger Cookies, Nana

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