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This was a first for me………….canning!

Crock pot applesauce.





Crock pot applesauce. Nana

Crock pot applesauce. Nana

Between my trip out to Gizdich ranch and a bag full of apples from a client, I had plenty of apples. I really wanted to do some baking, but knew that I didn’t need to be consuming pies, strudels, tarts or cakes, so I decided on applesauce. Plus my middle daughter request me make some and well, they usually get what they want:)

I had a variety of apple types: pinova, mutsu and pippins and maybe one more, but I don’t remember which type. After washing and preparing the apples with the handy dandy peeler/corer/slicer I loaded them into the crock pot. It was so full I had to weigh down the lid at the beginning until they cooked down a bit. I added 1 cup of Gizdich Apple Juice (made only from apples), 2 cinnamon sticks and 1/4 cup sugar. I cooked on high until the apples were mushy, then using a large wooden spoon mashed them to the desired consistency. I like chunky applesauce. I froze a couple of containers for us, then canned 6 pints. Since I’d never done canning, I listened carefully for the “pop” of the lid to make sure they sealed.

We had some with dinner and it was delicious!

I have another batch cooking today.

I’m going to add some fresh cranberries to this batch.

And, I still have enough apples for either one more batch, but I’m thinking a cran-apple strudel. Who wants to come over for dessert??

  • Summer - October 18, 2011 - 8:29 am

    This looks soooooo good! And I am not sure why, but i does surprise me that this is your first time canning anything! :)ReplyCancel

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