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Roasted Cauliflower and Poblano Pepper Soup

Gayle’s Bakery is one of the best bakery/cafes in town. It is our go-to breakfast spot on Sunday mornings after church with friends. It is dangerously good!! Can you say delicious calories???

The other day we were on that side of town and decided to grab lunch at Gayles. I had a little soup/sandwich combo. The soup was so good, that I had to attempt to duplicate it. I immediately came home and googled Poblano Cauliflower Soup and found lots of recipes.

When I went shopping for ingredients, the store did not have any poblano peppers, but the produce man guaranteed me that it would be okay to use pasillo peppers. I did, and it turned out great!

This soup is vegetarian and very low calorie. It is also thick, rich, and satisfying!

The recipe makes a very small amount, we had just enough for dinner and enough left over for my lunch.


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