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It’s Been SEW Long………

It’s been a very long time since I’ve had my sewing machine out of the closet. I started sewing in elementary school, was teachers pet in home economics in Jr. High and continued doing a lot of sewing into my early twenties. Then along came real life and my machine began to sit and gather dust. You’d think that having three daughters that I would have kept sewing all those years, but sadly, I mostly sewed costumes for the girls. I made them into bunny rabbits, big bird, rainbow bright and superman. I’ve made Annie costumes for my niece and a “little house on the prairie” costume that was worn by many. I even made a few dance costumes for my middle daughter for her competitions when she was in high school.

And speaking of this daughter, she was always my most “girly girl” of the three. When the other two were off joining sports teams, she was dancing. She was also my only daughter to show any interest in sewing. She made a few items through the years, but never got fully confident sewing without me by her side.

Fast forward to this summer………

She decides that before she heads back to her teaching job, that one of her summer projects was to sew something! But, she needed mommy to do so! You all know I love that part of the story!! Nothing is better than your grown children calling you and still “needing” you. Just the thought makes my heart happy!

With her 10 month old daughter in tow, we head out in search of the perfect fabrics. We were both surprised at the lack of fabric stores that are even left. The first one we pulled up to had gone out of business. Fortunately, the next one that we searched out had a pretty good selection. We wasted no time in getting ready for our project. She pre-shunk the fabric, I dug out my old box of scissors, thread and pins, and she dusted off her machine.

She soon found out the her Mama is a bit of a sewing control freak. There are certain things that you must always do. Always! You read the entire pattern before starting. You carefully pin your pattern and cut carefully. You carefully sew a straight 5/8″ seam (unless otherwise noted). You must finish off the seams. If you don’t have a surger, you may use pinking shears. You iron open every seam after sewing. And one of the most important rules of sewing is that your sewing scissors are sewing scissors. They are never, ever, ever, to be used for anything else. Ever!

Here’s a few pics of the process, check out the pinking shears, they belonged to my aunt.


My daughter was an excellent student! I’d give her an A+

Check out her darling little girl wearing her new dress!  Ahhhw, Nana’s heart is smiling!


  • leia - August 25, 2011 - 7:13 pm

    Awwwww I LOVE THAT DRESS AND that fabric!! It makes my heart smile to read this and think back to my “special things” with my Mommy tha I still love to do to this day!! <3

    Yes, y'all are so cute!!ReplyCancel

  • jamie - August 25, 2011 - 7:27 pm

    love my sewing teacher!!ReplyCancel

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