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What is Acai’?  Acai’ is a small purple berry that grows on the palm tree in the Brazilian Amazon. Famous for having the richest antioxidant content of any naturally occurring fruit, acai’ is one of the most nutritionally gifted foods our planet has to offer.

What is an Acai’ bowl? Take the frozen pulp of the acai’ berry, blend it with various other fruits (such as banana and berries) into a seriously thick and creamy smoothie. Scoop that blend into a bowl, top it with granola, fresh fruits, and a drizzle of honey.

You can find out more about the Acai’ Bowl from our favorite little Acai’ restaurant in Santa Barbara, called Backyard Bowls.

We’ve had Acai’ from a few different restaurants, but I have to say the Backyard bowls is our favorite. I get the Berry Bowl, which is the Acai’ blended with banana, strawberry & apple juice. Topped with sliced sweet bananas & strawberries, chewy goji berries, crunchy granola and a sweet drizzle of honey. It is seriously heaven in a bowl!

My husband is a true believer in the benefits of acai’. He claims it is his secret for his recent weight loss and his new found running & fitness stamina. I tell you, the man has energy to spare!  Never in the 30+ years that we’ve been married has he worked out as much as he is now. A day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t stop for his acai’ fix at our little acai’ cafe, Samba Rock. He’s been known to consume more than one a day!  Addicted much? I think so!

Whether you live in or near Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz, or somewhere else, go and get your acai’ today! It’s good and good for you!

  • Leia - August 22, 2011 - 4:58 pm

    Ok I’m usually a VERY simple lil’ Southern gal but THIS, this post has me WANTING to try something new…. I mean it looks SOOOOOO super yummy that I MUST make it myself and give it a whirl!! <3 If I like it I will give you ALL the credit and if I don't like it I will, again, give you ALL the credit!! ;-) lolReplyCancel

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