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Little Golden Books

All my nieces and nephews, and the grand-babies, of course, know exactly where to go to find the toys at Nana’s house. Many of the toys are saved from when my girls were little. “Old school” is what I hear my daughters and nieces calling them. I love that the little ones now play with some of the same toys that I bought over 20 years ago!!

Here’s a little “snap” of Gigi playing with a couple of the “old school” toys. The little plastic blocks, the stacking rings, and the roly poly bird were all played with by my children and now their children.

Ok, back on track……..

Beckett, loves stories at bedtime and naptime. What toddler doesn’t? Story time means they get to stay up a few minutes longer! They’ve got it all figured out! Anyways, B headed to the toy closet and rummaged through all the “old school” Little Golden Books to find the perfect story for Papa to read to him.

Hansel and Gretel it would be. He grabbed his “B” (blankie) and cuddled up on Papa’s lap.

Now, you have to realize that the books at his house to choose from are Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny or The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar. I guess we call those “new school” books.

I was busy finishing dishes or getting his bed ready and didn’t pay much attention to the story, until after we tucked him in, Papa says to me, “are you sure that story was okay for him?”  I’m thinking I know the story of Hansel & Gretal and it is a children’s book after all, so I kind of shrugged the comment off. Until the next time, when he asked me to read him the same book!

Oh my sweet goodness!!! No, it’s NOT okay for a toddler!! I “skimmed” the story as I read it changing a few lines here and there to make it a little more appropriate. I guess I need to re-read some of these little stories before it becomes another bedtime story.

Here’s a few of the lines:

“the children’s stepmother was very cruel to them”

“we have no money to buy food, we will starve”

“we will take them into the woods, they will never find their way home and we will be rid of them”

“although the old woman seemed so kind, she was really a wicked witch who ate little children”

“she awakened Hansel and put him in a cage”

“I’m going to eat you both, but first, do my work”

“crawl in the oven and see if it is hot”

Of course, it ends with Gretel pushing the witch into the fire and letting Hansel out of the bird cage. They wander back into the woods to find their father looking for them and back home find out their cruel stepmother was gone forever.

I guess this Nana needs to sort through the books! Looking through the pile I know there are plenty of sweet little stories, such as: The Poky Little Puppy, Sesame St, A Mouse for a House, The Fuzzy Duckling and Mr Noah.

I know I have another bin of books that I saved and I must certainly still have our set of Dr. Seuss books. Eating Green Eggs and Ham can’t be bad, can it?






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